Our Work

In a famous passage in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus called the children over to him and then said to his followers, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”.     

As children have a special place in the heart of God, we are fully committed to releasing PNG children from the ravages of poverty, into lives full of hope and blessing, in Jesus’ name.

Children are often counted amongst the most vulnerable members of any community, and those who live in poverty are most at risk. So we are passionate about helping poor children live in safe, healthy environments. 

The Gateway Children’s Fund is a broad-based child development agency, preferring a comprehensive 5-tier Program, to the one-on-one child sponsorship approach of other children’s charities. When you donate to our work in PNG, you help more than one child – you also help their family, their village, and ultimately you help rebuild their Nation.

1.       Infant & Maternal Care (mothers, and children from birth to age 3)
Around the world 22,000 children under five die every day from causes that are mostly preventable. The main causes in PNG are malnutrition and diseases like TB, pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. To combat these problems, we provide mothers and babies with pre-natal and post-natal care, immunisation, nutrition and family health care.

2.       Preschool Wellbeing(children aged 4-6)
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states education is a right for every child. This is reflected in  Millennium Development Goal 2, which aims to give all children access to primary school education by 2015. However, there is not yet any official pre-school program in many countries like PNG that prepares small children for later education. If children are unable to go to school, they cannot get the education they need to break the cycle of poverty.

So our Pre-school Wellbeing Program focuses on the early development phase of a child’s life, providing health care, immunisation, and nutrition, as well as education and social preparation for later entry to school. We do this through Playgroup opportunities, and Preschool classes

3.       Elementary School (children aged 7-8)
Children are naturally curious and begin learning from birth. However, many children in PNG never go to school, not just because their parents can’t afford school fees, but because of issues like homelessness, being abandoned, or the death of one or both parents. In some circumstances children don’t go to school so they can work to help support their struggling family. Even if children make it to school, most are unprepared for the discipline of the classroom. Lack of learning resources and literacy are also major barriers to them having a basic education.

Our Elementary School aims to bridge this gap for some of PNG’s poorest children, by providing classes in basic English literacy, as well as nutrition, health care, immunisation and social studies. Graduates are well prepared to go on to attend Primary School education.

4.       Leadership Development
Creating career pathways for children who successfully complete their primary and secondary education is essential for them to become the leaders their communities and countries need. To combat a lack of job opportunities and a higher than 60% unemployment rate in PNG, we help selected school graduates into practical skills-based training or college. Assistance often includes provision of fees, books, tutoring, health care, and Christian Leadership Training. Some children, having graduated from our schools and leadership programs, become valued members of our staff, helping other children escape the debilitating cycle of poverty. Other students have gone on to work in banking, hospitality, business, and medical sectors.

5.       Community Projects
The effects of poverty are unfair and often unexpected. Many structural obstacles exist within poor communities that hinder the healthy development of a child. So through Community Projects, we provide solutions that exceed the reach of our other programs. Provision of infrastructure such as clean water, sanitation systems, electricity, housing, and other community needs are all essential to creating safer and healthier environments for our children, and so our Child Development Programs have the best chance of success.

Our work relies on the goodwill and charitable giving of individuals, charitable trusts, and businesses. All gifts over $2 with a preference to approved project J739N Gateway Children’s Fund Development Project are tax deductible