Vada Coffee

Vada Coffee is roasted from 100% Single Origin Purosa 'A' washed Arabica beans from the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Grown in rich volcanic soils, these beans are known for their consistent colour, body, aroma, acidity, and the resultant chocolaty, nutty flavour. Vada Coffee is certified Fairtrade and is organically grown by 2600 village based growers. By choosing Fairtrade coffee you are helping producers in PNG achieve higher prices as well as better social and environmental outcomes.

The Cause

Vada Coffee works to support The Gateway Children’s Fund in releasing children from poverty in PNG. We help provide food, housing, medicines, school fees, and education for the poorest of the poor in the settlement slums of PNG. 

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  • $14.95 per 250gram bag
  • $55 for 1kg Minimum order 1kg

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FLO ID # 23554 Convent Bakery is a charitable supporter of the Gateway Children's Fund.
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