School Project

The Gateway Children’s Fund launched Gateway Elementary School in 2009 since then the school has provided education, food and nutrition, and health and hygiene programs for many children in the slums of Moitaka with over 250 children currently enrolled.

Working with the people in the community, The Gateway Children’s Fund partners with the locals to find in country solutions, helping to empower them to be agents of change in their own context. 

The school is staffed by local people who teach and supervise the children’s health and well being, alongside many mothers and fathers from the community who volunteer, and together we are seeing a real transformation in the lives of families and children in need.



Rainbow House

We provide secure sheds so at risk communities can safely store educational equipment, first aid kits, and children’s toys.

Known as “Rainbow Houses” because of their multi-colour design, families in the slum settlements of PNG identify these sheds as “outposts of hope”.

Each shed is built from locally sourced materials using local volunteers.

A new shed costs A$10,000